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2019 New Beginnings: Focus

The new year has started and what does that mean for you?  Do you do resolutions, intentions or nothing at all? You know time doesn’t wait for anyone, it just keeps going. We have time so we can measure steps, goals, or treatments in the esthy world. So how will you begin the new year? I set intentions.  I learned that an intention works better for me.  No one likes to fail and I believe that resolutions can set one up for failure. Life is a journey and trials are just part of it. How we view and accept those trials shapes us and makes us who we are. One can choose to be happy with the correct mindset. I like to choose a word for the year.  This is something that is individual and there are many ways to go about finding your word.  My word for 2019 is FOCUS! I will focus on my health, my education, my clients and treating them to the best that I have to offer.  So much to focus on that I can get overwhelmed. So how will I focus on the FOCUS? By setting intentions and breaking it down into small easy to achieve goals. I set goals by first creating a Vision Board.  I will be attending a workshop soon with some colleagues where we will create our Ultimate Year. You can do this too! When we get together with others, the energy is fantastic and the creativity flows! Won’t you join me in starting 2019 with intention and vision?

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