5 Simple Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

Can you believe that we are halfway through November?!

I can’t either!

Holiday season is upon us and so is the overwhelm. 

Do you feel it already? 

Maybe you are one of those people who plan all year. Maybe you know exactly what you are doing, and what you are buying all year long. You are collecting items, and planning your meals, and cookie baking get togethers. You have your budget set, and you are ready!

Even if you are like this, I think most of us can relate to still feeling the stress of all of the activities and planning, not to mention the financial stress that the holiday season can put on us. 

We have all been there!

Have you ever noticed that you tend to get sick around or just after the holiday festivities are over? This is just one clear sign that stress can affect your health! Prioritizing your health during this season is so important.

But de-stressing can be really simple. If you let it. Remember you can’t serve out of an empty cup, so I want to share 5 SIMPLE ways to Beat Holiday Stress through Self-Care! 

Would you expect anything less from your holistic esthetician?

Step 1: Breathe!!! I know – I know – I say this all of the time. But it’s pinnacle to your health! SO take a few minutes to breathe intentionally. 

Breathe in 3.

Hold 3.

Release 3. 

Do this at least 9 times. The more repetitions the better your body responds. This is helpful on so many levels.


Step 2: Drink. And drink. And drink some more…

…water that is. (That’s what you thought I was going to say right??)

This helps flush toxins, gets the body hydrated, and keeps it hydrated so it can function like it should.


Step 3: Schedule…your massages and facials. You may be thinking you don’t have time with your hectic holiday schedule, but trust me: you need this. 

If you get massages and facials regularly you understand the importance. If you don’t, then please take my advice and add this to your self-care regimen. 

These types of treatments are not JUST froufrou – they are necessary for your overall health and wellness. It will help you stay healthy during the holiday season. You can help your body kick sickness caused by stress and indulgence to the curb.


Step 4:  Plan…make a plan and stick with it! Take the time to start meal planning, planning for gift giving, budgeting and scheduling gatherings. 

Keep it simple. It’s really easy to fall into the “let me just add one more thing” mentality. We have all been there…but I promise the kids don’t need one more thing to open and forget about! Look up some ideas for keeping the decorating simple, elegant, and impressive without adding more stress. Find fun ways to make memories instead of spending so much on physical items that only last a short time.


Step 5: Remember what the season is really all about. 

Thanksgiving, being grateful for the blessings!

Christmas, celebrating the birth of Christ and the gift of eternal life. 

Family and friends who love and support those around them, giving out of our abundance. 


Keeping the holidays as stress free as possible by making things as simple as possible. Sometimes a smile and a hug is the best gift you can give (plus it is free). Kindness flows more freely from the peaceful heart. 

Have a beautiful, stress free, peaceful Holiday Season filled with all of the wonders you seek. Now, book that self care! You will be glad you did. 😉