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A Season of Beauty: Makeup and Sunscreen

A Season of Beauty: part 5

A Season of Beauty is a 6-part series discussing the most important steps to healthy, glowing skin with products that you can incorporate into your regular skin care routine at home. This week we are discussing Sunscreen and Mineral Makeup.

#5: Sunscreen and Mineral Makeup

In this part of “A Season of Beauty” I have combined sunscreen and minerals because minerals offer some protection from UV rays. When we speak about healthy skin we can’t omit the sun protection. UV rays cause damage and is the biggest culprit for accelerating the aging process. When adding sunscreen to your skin care routine be smart about what you are applying to your skin. Make sure it won’t cause free radical damage or damage the environment. Your face and body will thank you.

How do you know which products to use?

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to sunscreens: chemical or physical? Here is what we do know: the UVA rays cause aging and the UVB rays cause burning. Both can cause long-term DNA damage eventually leading to cancer. I tend to stick with the sunscreens that are physical, such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, because they are safe for humans as well as the environment. Mineral makeup will reflect the rays, and won’t clog pores, adding a nice glow to one’s skin.

Some of my favorite mineral makeup and sunscreen products

My number one choice is the Suntegrity line. They have a variety of products for the face, body, lips, and a lovely self tanner. The unscented body sunscreen can be used for children as well. And all of the Suntegrity products are oncology approved, which makes my heart happy. Eminence has several daytime moisturizers that many of my clients love. Bright Skin Moisturizer, Red Currant Protective Moisturizer or Tropical Vanilla Day Cream are among the favorites. Also, they offer Sun Defense SPF 30 in five different shades. Recently, Eminence has added the Lilikoi Mineral Defence Collection that will defend your skin from environmental stressors including the blue light and pollution.  Along with the face products comes a lovely Sport Sunscreen with water resistance to 40 minutes. Osmosis has Protect Moisturizer, or their Mineral Makeup in many colors as well as a bronzer. As a bonus, I am offering 20% of all in-stock mineral makeup and sunscreen the week of May 6 – 11, 2019 only. Call or email to get your favorite product before it’s gone.

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