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A Season of Beauty

A Season of Beauty: Putting it all together

A Season of Beauty is a 6-part series discussing the most important steps to healthy, glowing skin with products that you can incorporate into your regular skin care routine at home. In our final installment, we are putting it all together by discussing modalities.

#6: Modalities

We started with cleansers and finished with sunscreens, everything you need to have happy, healthy, glowing skin! Does it seem overwhelming? I’m here to help you through the process and products. As a professional I take into consideration your goals, lifestyle, age, contraindications, allergies, skin type, etc. when helping you choose the correct regimen. And remember skin is always on the move and we make adjustments accordingly. Products help with about 75-80% outside the treatment room. I help with advanced treatments and modalities inside the treatment room. The best products in the world can’t take the place of the hands on professional skincare or facial treatments.

What is a modality?

“Modality: the way or mode in which something exists or is done.” I love the safe, holistic modalities I can use to help you get the results you desire. Most of them are professional with one being a take home device to aid in home care between your professional facial treatments.

What modalities are available at Esthetics by Caris?

TAMA Microcurrent

TAMA Microcurrent  is my all time favorite modality! It is so versatile: it aids in age-correction, clears acne, calms, rejuvenates, improves skin tone, lifts, tightens and much more. Its effects are cumulative, meaning the more you do the better the results. TAMA stimulates collagen and elastin. This is why I call this the non-invasive face-lift! Young adults using TAMA will find a noticeable change in their skin over time.  People over 55 will see huge improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing and lifting the muscles.  Combine TAMA with professional products used at home and you will see real results with younger looking, healthier skin.

LED Light Therapy

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light Therapy modality is also cumulative. Using LED on a regular basis helps keep the skin young and beautiful! The different light colors target different conditions. Blue has been FDA approved to kill P. Acnes bacteria, aiding in acneic skin types. Red light stimulates collagen and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, and shrinks pores. My Celluma panel (uses LED and far infrared) also helps heal wounds, increases the lymphatic system, stimulates fibroblast (cells that produce tropocollagen, the forerunner of collagen) activity, and much more.


I have very quickly become very fond of this little drvie. It’s the holistic alternative to micro-needling with no pain or down time. RevitaPen is a professional, non-invasive tool used to enhance treatment and increase circulation for beautiful rejuvenated skin. If you seek an all around improvement in firmness, texture, hyperpigmentation, age spots or increased hydration, this is the perfect addition to your monthly facial.


MySkinBuddy (aka MSB) is a little take home device that is all the rage! It also uses ionic technology to remove dirt from the skin or help penetrate product depending on the mode you choose. LED with blue, red and green light. I am not one to recommend take home devices, as many times they are overused causing damage to the barrier. But this little gem is different. You can’t hurt the skin since there no brushes to scratch and compromise the skin (#breakupwithyourbrush). This is a must have at home!

Wrapping it all up

Adding any of these modalities to a facial, or using them as a stand alone treatment will give you better results. Combining or layering them in a treatment can enhance and further your results. Let me help you create the regimen that is right for you, from take home products to professional treatments that move you toward the goals you want to achieve. I can make it simple and affordable. Your skin can be happy and healthy without invasive treatments, chemical peels and injectables! Come into my treatment room and together we can create a plan for your beautiful skin! As a bonus, I am offering a special pricing on MySkinBuddy* the week of May 13 – 17, 2019 only. Try the RevitaPen Facial for just $99.00 through June 30, 2019 (a $150.00 value).   Call or email to get on the schedule today! *special offer applies to RevitaPen and MySkinBuddy only; facial treatments do not qualify for discount.

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