A Season of Beauty is a 6-part series discussing the most important steps to healthy, glowing skin with products that you can incorporate into your regular skin care routine at home. Join me for part 3 as we explore how you can add serums to your Season of Beauty.

#3  Serums

What are Serums?

Serums: the “work-horses” of skin care!

What do you think of when you think work-horse? I think beautiful, good, strong, get down in the trenches, and go to work kind of horse. This is what skin serums do, they work the hardest and do the most correction: they penetrate deeper into the skin.

How do you know which serum to use?

I can help you decide which serum is right for you by putting together a very specific or simple regimen that meets your needs and wants. There are serums that help with acne, hyper pigmentation, sensitivity, fine lines, wrinkles, age-correction and anything else you may be concerned about.

Some serums have ingredients from stem cell-growth factors to blemish control, that will help with more than one condition. For instance; acne and hyper pigmentation, or inflammation and aging.

Some of my most popular serums

NeoGenesis Recovery: this serum is amazing it helps with almost anything that ails your skin from hyper-pigmentation, to scarring, inflammation and acne. Combined with NeoGenesis Skin Serum and you have a winning duo! This serum brings your skin to the optimal rejuvenation and age correction!

From Eminence Organic Skin Care product line:

Herbal Spot Serum is a go to when you have those monthly breakouts, or a random blemish that popped up over night.
The Eight Greens Youth Serum is great for the hormonal breakouts and many of my young professionals swear by this serum.
The Bright Skin Serum is a must have to aid in hyper-pigmentation from too much sun or hormonal spots that create the uneven skin tone.
Bamboo Firming Serum is a retinol alternative that won’t harm your skin by thinning it.
Rosehip Triple C & E Firming Oil is anti-oxidant rich and great for all skin types!

Navigating through the options can be overwhelming. Allow a professional to help you. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll be on your way to younger-looking, more beautiful skin.

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