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Meet Diane

Diane Mack opened Caris Skin Care in 2011 to pursue her passion for holistic skincare therapy. As a licensed esthetician, Diane works with each of her clients to build a customized, therapeutic skin care treatment plan. These treatment plans can cleanse impurities, improve capillary flow, and increase the skin’s protective barrier function, allowing better moisture retention and protection from environmental stresses. Diane focuses on creating a total self-care regimen to make YOU feel beautiful, relaxed, and complete after each treatment.

Diane is certified in chemical peels, microdermabrasion and has been certified in an acne protocol with Face Reality©. She prefers to use treatments that build and replenish healthy cells, rather than popular therapies that tear skin down and put it in repair mode. Diane is always educating herself to improve treatments with holistic advanced modalities, such as TAMA microcurrent, Skin Classic, Celluma LED, and RevitaPen, which support her philosophy to deliver the best results, without damage.
Diane has a clear understanding of many skin conditions, their root causes, and different ways to treat them using organic therapies. She is skilled in working with specific skin care problems like acne, rosacea, eczema and hyperpigmentation. Diane has obtained several certifications in oncology that allow her to meet the specific skin care needs and challenges of individuals living with cancer and cancer treatments.

When Diane isn’t studying advanced modalities or practicing skin care, she enjoys spending time with her endlessly supportive husband, Bruce. Together they have two adult children, two wonderful children-“in-loves,” four handsome grandsons, and two rambunctious Australian Shepherds. Diane loves Jesus, music, Sunday Family Dinners, antiquing, sewing, crafting, playing ball with Keegan and Zoe, picnics, traveling to and hiking in the mountains, and spending precious time with her growing family.

Things I Love Most ...


-To see a client smile beautifully after we have worked hard to get their skin clear.

-When we have worked hard to correct years of damage with rejuvenating treatments, and my clients look younger now than they did when we started!

-When a client feels healing touch, and their skin responds favorably.

Spending Time with my Husband

-To see people smile and are finally content with themselves, and their skin.

-To watch my clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a treatment.

-To know I have made a big difference in a young person’s life. How they now walk in confidence, because their skin is clear and beautiful.

Walks in the Park or in the Mountains

-To see people happy and healthy, positive and growing in their personal walk through life.

-To feel loved and appreciated.

-My children and my grandchildren.


-Good fellowship.

-Laughter among friends

-Beautiful spring days that awaken your soul.

Did I mention Coffee?

-Using my hands to make something beautiful through crafting, and sewing.

-Giving gifts


-Family gatherings around my table.

-Animals, but especially my dogs!

-I LOVE that people come to see me for their skincare needs as well as to just hang out, unplug and relax!

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