Achieve beautiful skin without visiting a med spa!

YES!!! That is what I said and it is completely correct! 

I’ll say it again: You don’t need a med spa to achieve beautiful skin.


But let’s back up for a minute.

What is a med spa?

A Med Spa, or medical spa, is typically an establishment that uses high-tech invasive skin treatments under the direction of a medical director. As you already know, I’m on the holistic side of skincare, so I don’t aspire to anything invasive! As we also know the latest and greatest might look sleek and promise results, but isn’t always as effective as simple proven products or processes that take into account the needs of the body and the skin. In addition, adding “medical” to a term or phrase is a great marketing tool for adding clout, and an implied sense of respect, whether actually real or imaginary. 

What does your skin need?

Now let’s look at your skin for a minute, so that we can understand how the skin works and what the skin needs. 

Skin is affected by everything you eat, everything you breathe, all of your stress, your hormones, and your environment. Everything affects your skin! So let’s say for instance, you have a skin condition called rosacea. (You know, that slight to severe red pigmentation in your cheeks). Well, a Med Spa esthetician may suggest that we need to peel away your rosacea, or complete a set of laser treatments to reduce the redness and gain the desired result. However, rosacea is caused by internal factors, which won’t be easily blasted away with these invasive, destructive treatments that may cause more harm than good!  Well, I’m here to tell you you do not need to take this expensive and potentially damaging approach! But it will take work on your part.

achieve beautiful skin

You will have to look at your lifestyle. What you eat, what you do, and how much sun you get. You’ll need to assess how much stress you’re under, what medications you’re taking, and any other factors that might be affecting you and your skin condition. 

What happens in the treatment room?

When you visit my treatment room, we will always start with this kind of deep dive. We’ll always ask these kinds of questions to determine not just what is going on with our skin, but to identify WHY! You will never have a one size fits all protocol or invasive treatment that magically fixes everything. 

We will start with all of these considerations, then we will create a plan to allow the beauty to come from the inside out. It is so true. You don’t need all of the invasive chemical peels, exfoliation retinols, high tech treatments, and expensive skincare products to achieve beautiful skin! You do need a good plan, a healthy lifestyle, and a commitment to heal your skin over time.

So what are you waiting for?! Let’s get started today! Together we can achieve that beautiful skin that you’ve been wanting for so long.  


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