Looking for fast, proven results? Look no further than my Age-Corrective Facial! It’s quickly becoming a favorite around here. 

What makes the Age-Corrective Facial different? 

It incorporates TAMA microcurrent, LED light therapy, and the skin-enhancing natural products that you already know and love. TAMA microcurrent and LED light therapy are great modalities by themselves, but when layered in a single treatment it helps the skin respond with what I call a more rounded experience. I am getting incredibly great and beautiful outcomes.

Age corrective facial

How often can you get an Age-Corrective Facial?

Yes, those results sound amazing, and now your question is: how often can I get this facial? 

Since this facial is non-invasive, treatments can be scheduled up to 2 times a week to get quick lasting results, with no down time. Typically weekly treatments are best to begin, and then we can move into a maintenance regimen. Think of this much like exercise; we set and work hard to reach your goals early on, and then maintain your progress with a little less frequent check-ins. Of course, we will always keep an eye on any changes to your skin due to the seasons or seasons in your life.

How do the TAMA and LED modalities improve the Age-Corrective Facial?

Like I said before, TAMA microcurrent and LED Therapy are incredible tools in our toolbox for skin change! TAMA stimulates skin at the cellular level targeting the skin, muscles, nerves and then infusing hydration from the product that has been applied to the face. LED light therapy penetrates at different levels in the skin encouraging it to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin. Both of these modalities are cumulative and are enhanced when sequenced back to back. That’s why it’s best to schedule treatments close together. I recommend starting with facials every 4 to 8 weeks, followed by a maintenance schedule. 

Do you have a social event you want to look your best at? A wedding or anniversary party? Then the Age-Corrective Facial is the best way to look and feel “Red Carpet” ready! Click here to schedule your Age-Corrective Facial series now.