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Beauty is NOT pain!

Beauty should NOT be painful!

Remember when you were young; Mom was brushing the rats nests out of your hair? Of course you would be grimacing and pulling away – she would exclaim, “Hold still, beauty is painful!” Let me tell you, as much Mom is always right – I believe she is not correct on this point. (Sorry Mom) At least in my holistic skin care world it is not the case. Now if you want to say time is painful, that may be true. Let me explain.beauty is not pain

Time, however can be painful~

Over time we age. We can’t get away from that fact. What we can get away from is aging quickly, from a skin perspective. We age faster if we are exposed to UV rays too much, if what we put in our bodies is bad for us, stress, exposure to harsh chemicals, etc. we can cause the aging process to speed up. Sometimes invasive skincare can even speed up the process. And this can be painful. However, if one were to feed the skin good wholesome food, products and treatments, the results are beautiful and NOT painful. Over time the skin responses favorably, ages beautifully.

Thank your professional beauty providers!

On this National Beautician Day thank your Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Nail Tech and even your Massage Therapist, as all of these professionals help you stay beautiful, hopefully without pain! Be Beautiful!

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