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Beware: MLM Companies Are Masquerading as Skincare Providers

Don’t be the next victim!

toxic skincare productsYou could be their next victim without even knowing it. I know it sounds harsh, but I have to warn you because I care about you. There are tons of these product lines out there that have been around literally forever: Mary Kay, Avon, Arbonne, Rodan + Fields, Nerium… and they’re all the same. In addition to selling you skin care and face products, they are also selling you a dream and a lifestyle. These companies leverage the image of their consultants to the fullest to pull you into their web, and once you’re in, it’s tough to get out. But today’s blog isn’t a warning against multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes or the aggressive marketing techniques that they use, such as friend-guilt and social media. It’s actually a warning against the products that these companies are pushing. Not only are these products expensive (most starter kits will run you close to $200…) but they almost always contain ingredients that I have been warning you against for ages. For example, Rodan + Fields has a warning on its own website cautioning against a top product because an ingredient has been linked to cancer. And a lot of these products are NOT safe to use when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Know what’s in the products you use!

Some of my clients have tried MLM skincare product lines only to completely regret it. The products are filled with crappy and inflammatory ingredients. I’ve had several clients come to me after their skin became inflamed and irritated after using these lines. The consultants selling you the skin care products are not licensed estheticians nor are they medical professionals, and their goal is not skin care as much as it is to make money. Don’t get me wrong, I support women who work hard to create a business for themselves, and I go the extra mile to support my fellow licensed and certified estheticians, but I cannot and will not stand by and support MLMs selling skin care. The skin is a delicate organ and to treat and care for it takes expertise. In many cases, these companies don’t have licensed professionals assessing your skin before “prescribing” a regimen for your problems. At best, they may consult a computer program or quiz that walks the consultant through a series of generic questions to help them pick the right regimen for you. Thanks, but no thanks. I’d much rather have a professional feel and assess what my skin needs than quiz results from a computer. Additionally some of the danger goes beyond the skin products and topicals being sold. A lot of these companies have exfoliation tools that scrub away your dermal later, or they have dermal roller tools that poke and tear into the skin causing damage. In the state of California, not even trained and licensed estheticians are allowed to use dermal rollers, so why should this product be sold to the public? The short answer is that it shouldn’t be. It’s dangerous and can sometimes cause severe and irreparable damage if used incorrectly.

Don’t believe in “fake news”

Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glam of the sales consultants or the promise of results. These “amazing results” are due to the fact that nearly all these products are packed with chemicals and poisons. Once you stop using your expensive regimen, watch your skin return to it’s original state, or even worse than before. Remember folks, it’s  better to hit the root of the issue and HEAL FROM WITHIN. We don’t want to mask the problem. We want to FIX the problem. And unfortunately, that’s not what you’re doing with these MLM products. Guest blog post written by Abbie Major of Abbie Major Skin Love. See the original post here.

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