Sunscreen vs. Sunblock

I have always promoted a physical sunblock over the chemical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens may keep your skin from burning, but at what cost to your

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Pandemic Pores

Do you have Pandemic Pores? Stress, unusual schedule, and disrupted sleep have left several of my clients suffering with what I’m calling “Pandemic Pores” or

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Stress and Your Skin

So here you are trying to navigate the new “normal.”  Still not sure about anything.  You’re doing your part: social distancing, wearing a mask, and

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safe sun practices

Safe Sun Practices

It is warming up out there and we would all love to enjoy the sunshine!  Let’s first start by saying the sun is not our

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30 something

Hey 30 something!

Hey, Teens:  Start now developing a good routine in taking care of your skin.  Cleanse morning and night. Use correct serums and moisturizer every day.

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I used to think

I used to think…

…cleansing morning and night and applying a cream to keep the moisture in was good enough.   Cleansing your skin and applying a cream is important

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