Introducing the Age Corrective Ultra! Collection by Eminence Organic Skin Care

The Age Corrective Ultra Collection is formulated to achieve instant, visible results in minutes while providing longer-lasting improvement to skin aging concerns over time. This collection features 3 powerhouse products, a de-puffing and tightening eye cream, an instant plumping line filler and an ultra-lift tightening neck cream. The primary areas on the face area that [...]

Our September Oncology Event

As an Oncology Certified Esthetician, I am certified to take care of people undergoing cancer treatments. Skin issues can be difficult to manage during and after the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Because this is so near and dear to my heart I have put together an event specifically for cancer survivors. During the month of [...]

Fun In The Sun? Straight Talk About Solar Trauma and Skin Recovery

It’s summer and you are finally heading to the lake or the beach for a much-needed vacation, or are simply off to lounge poolside on a lazy Saturday afternoon. You’ve packed your picnic lunch or your beach or pool bag with all of the fun you can find. Of course, since you’ve heard “Don’t forget [...]

The Power of Touch

The Importance of Touch in a Digital Age It’s date night and your sweetie has scooped you up for an evening out. You glance over at the family sitting next to you, and what do you see? Electronics. Everywhere. The seven-year-old plays on a personal gaming device, the pre-teen texts her friends, the teenager swipes [...]

Self care must include skin care!

The skin, like every other part of the body, is constantly under stress.  We understand that the skin is the outer layer, the protector of the many inner structures necessary for the normal activities of life.  It is the shield against damage from chemicals, thermal, radiation, and other physical traumas. Skin care should be a [...]

Just what is an Esthetician?

I hear many people ask, What is an Esthetician?  In a nut shell we are skin care therapists. Here is a good definition from the Urban Dictionary: Estheticians specialize in beautifying the skin. They perform cosmetic skin treatments including hair removal (waxing, threading), massage, body wraps, skin care, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, eyelash extensions, aromatherapy, [...]

Couldn’t have done it with out YOU!

The votes were tallied; the results are final! What an honor to be chosen the Best Esthetician in Wake Forest. In appreciation for your support I will be giving a free gift to all of my existing clients for scheduling an appointment in September. New clients will receive a discount if they mention the Best [...]

Short Cuts?

Sometimes, it's good to take short cuts. For instance, driving to a designated place by the shortest route or possibly making a "one-pan" meal. It becomes very easy to believe that the shortest path is always the most beneficial. However, when it comes to our health and wellness, including skincare, a different approach is needed. [...]

It is hard to believe we are 5 months into the year!

My youngest, and only daughter was married this past weekend. What a joyous celebration it was! Blessings to all Brides! May. A time to renew, a time to reflect and assess what we have accomplished thus far. Time to change or update our goals to move forward for the rest of the year. Time to [...]

Sun Tips

What a winter season we have had here in the "Old North State". Snow, Cold, Hot, Dry ... It's enough to make your skin scream, "Give me a break". Well here we are poised to launch into spring. Hopefully soon we will be enjoying more moderate temperatures as we transition toward summer. So, now is [...]