Multi Level Marketing Skincare

Multi Level Marketing Skincare. Also known as MLM. These are the products  you keep hearing about (over and over and over again). Your news feed is saturated with social media posts detailing yet another product that can transform Shrek into Cinderella in a matter of days. Bippity Boppity Boo!  Before you hand over your credit card, […]

Let’s look at Vitamin A!

What is Vitamin A? You have heard of Vitamin B and C, and you know that Calcium helps make strong bones. And you have probably a pill packed with lots of good vitamins. We know that vitamins help our bodies function at their best. Of course Vitamin A is also one of the vitamins that […]

Fire & Ice brings out the Sugar & Spice!

The spa industry often refers to it as the “Fire & Ice Facial” and Hollywood calls it “The Red Carpet Treatment” – but what exactly is this sought-after facial that everyone’s talking about? According to Telegraph UK, the Hollywood version of the Red Carpet Treatment is an intensive clinical facial that generates tingling heat with a chemical peel and a […]

Capsule Skin Care

Recently I read an article about “Capsule Wardrobe” in Fashion and Beauty. I was very intrigued by the minimalist concept. I am always looking for ways to make life simpler; less stress in our ever changing, fast paced world. I believe we have so much technology that it weighs us down instead of lightening our […]

Is Retin-A OK?

A guest blog by Abbie Major Many of the department store and drug store skin care products have jumped on the Vitamin A/Retinol bandwagon. These lines boast the anti-aging, wrinkle-erasing, skin-smoothing, complexion-brightening ingredient that will be the cure-all to all your skin issues, at the low drugstore price of less than $30 per bottle. But […]

About Best of the Best

  After all of the votes were counted, Esthetics by Caris was voted the Best Esthetician in Wake Forest in 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014! To all of my clients – Thank You! I could not have done it without you. The Wake Weekly’s “Best of the Best” not only puts a spotlight on community business, but it also allows newcomers […]

Introducing the Age Corrective Ultra! Collection by Eminence Organic Skin Care

The Age Corrective Ultra Collection is formulated to achieve instant, visible results in minutes while providing longer-lasting improvement to skin aging concerns over time. This collection features 3 powerhouse products, a de-puffing and tightening eye cream, an instant plumping line filler and an ultra-lift tightening neck cream. The primary areas on the face area that […]

Our September Oncology Event

As an Oncology Certified Esthetician, I am certified to take care of people undergoing cancer treatments. Skin issues can be difficult to manage during and after the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Because this is so near and dear to my heart I have put together an event specifically for cancer survivors. During the month of […]

Fun In The Sun? Straight Talk About Solar Trauma and Skin Recovery

It’s summer and you are finally heading to the lake or the beach for a much-needed vacation, or are simply off to lounge poolside on a lazy Saturday afternoon. You’ve packed your picnic lunch or your beach or pool bag with all of the fun you can find. Of course, since you’ve heard “Don’t forget […]

The Power of Touch

The Importance of Touch in a Digital Age It’s date night and your sweetie has scooped you up for an evening out. You glance over at the family sitting next to you, and what do you see? Electronics. Everywhere. The seven-year-old plays on a personal gaming device, the pre-teen texts her friends, the teenager swipes […]