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Brides Against Breast Cancer

[fullwidth backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”left top” backgroundattachment=”scroll” video_webm=”” video_mp4=”” video_ogv=”” video_preview_image=”” overlay_color=”” overlay_opacity=”0.5″ video_mute=”yes” video_loop=”yes” fade=”no” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”” borderstyle=”” paddingtop=”20px” paddingbottom=”20px” paddingleft=”0px” paddingright=”0px” menu_anchor=”” equal_height_columns=”no” hundred_percent=”no” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]Brides Against Breast Cancer is not like any other Bridal show; it’s a boutique-style, “Say ‘Yes’ To The Dress” type event that is dear to my heart since I am an Oncology-Certified Esthetician dealing with clients going through cancer treatments.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]

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