Stress, diet and hormones...what do these things have in common?

If you guessed that we’re talking about the effects of these factors on your SKIN, then you are correct! (This is your besty esty’s blog, isn’t it?!) But how, you may ask?

We need to look at function. The skin is the largest organ of the body! Therefore, everything you put into, or on it, will ultimately affect it.

How Do Hormones Affect My Skin?

Let’s actually start with hormones. As women, we know that hormones can affect our skin drastically. From monthly cycles, to pregnancy, to menopause. When our hormones are shifting and changing our skin reacts too. Since we can’t always control how our hormones are shifting and changing, sometimes we need to shift our care protocols to adjust.

How Does Stress Affect My Skin?

Stress is another important factor in skin change. Stress is also linked to hormone change. It’s all about that body chemistry, after all! This is how stress can lead to breakouts, even if you may not have had them in the past. I have had clients who wore masks on a regular basis pre-pandemic, but during the pandemic they were experiencing skin issues. The ever dreaded “Mask-ne.” What changed? Stress! It is a real condition that needs to be addressed when looking at the skin and what is going on with it.

How Does Diet Affect My Skin?

Diet – everything we put into our mouth whether it is food, drink or medication can affect our skin, negatively or positively. Our skin is a filter, if it doesn’t like something it will try and “filter” it out as a way to protect itself and the body. This can even include injectable medications, as well. Also with a diet, our microbiome can be upset and this directly contributes to how our skin functions. Inflammation caused by our diet makes a huge impact, as well. 


When we are talking about skin changes, it’s important to look at the body and the skin holistically, including the internal and external environments that affect it. It’s all about bringing your body back into balance, and your skin will follow.