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Embrace – a reflection

Wow! Can you believe the year is almost finished? As I reflect on the past 11 months and the year is coming to an end, I realize just how different it looks compared to what I thought it would look like.  Embrace was the word I chose for 2018. Embrace change, embrace grace, embrace, embrace, embrace! And I think I have done that, embrace life! Blessed, thankful and fulfilled over and over again.   What has your year looked like, how will you go forward and embrace 2019?  Look for a word that you can focus on for the coming year, one that resonates with you and how you will go forward.   Life is constantly on the move, breathe it, plan for it, accept it, and live it.  Live it more abundantly, with thanksgiving and you can’t go wrong. Add a level of self-care to your life, if you haven’t done that already. Slow down and enjoy what 2019 holds.   Blessings for you as we move into the new year! EMBRACE it! embrace

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