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Facials: Luxury or Necessity

why a professional facialI have said many times; facials should be part of your “self care” routine. One may ask, “Why?” Let me explain, and I think you will agree. Professional facials (one performed by a licensed esthetician), remove toxins from everyday pathogens, drains lymph, stimulates cells to rejuvenate, relaxes muscles, aids in age correction—and the list continues. All of these things are positive for our bodies—products cannot do these things by themselves.  

Celebrity Inspiration

I was speaking with a client the other day about her skin and how she looked better than some of my clients that are 10-15 years younger than she is. She explained to me about her journey to regular facials. “While watching a program that had four celebrities, all giving their beauty secrets away, each was ten years apart in age—starting with one in her 50s and going up from there. Each had a different story with the exception of regular facials!” At that point my client sought out an esthetician and began her facial regimen including professional products.

The Girl Next Door’s Journey

With this information, I began asking my seasoned clients what started them on their skincare journey. Quite a few of my clients over the age of 60, whom also don’t look anywhere near their age, gave me similar answers. One had experienced severe acne after the birth of her child. She saw the benefits of regular facials and continued them. I might add that she looks 20 years younger! I am sure other factors come in to play at some level. Genetics, sun exposure, health as a whole, etc. But, there is no denying the benefits of regular skin care.

It’s never too late to start

With all of this being said, don’t fret about being “too late” or “no help for me now.” It is never too late to start. The body is an amazing machine that can heal and rejuvenate with proper fuel. Start now with good habits and you will see a difference!

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