FacialA facial is the most basic way to keep your skin happy and healthy. Spend some time with us and feel the stresses of life melt away while treating your skin in the best way possible. You are sure to leave looking and feeling your best!

An esthetician starts by cleaning away the dust and dirt from your day along with any harmful chemicals with which you may have come in contact, including some found in popular skin care products.

She will then take a look at your skin under a magnifying light, to see what your skin might be missing to be its best, and to find out where your problem areas lie. This skin analysis will determine how the rest of the personalized treatment proceeds, as your skin will need different “food” for different seasons of the year, and of life.

A masque specific to your needs is added to your face with a nice warm towel to help this delectable treatment stimulate cell growth, collagen production, and promote healing from past damage. Special tools may be used to treat breakouts, hyperpigmentation, natural aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Followed with protective serum, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen, you will be ready to “face” the world.

Classic Facial

Full Facial Skin Treatment

Our most popular facial treatment. Refresh your skin with the deep cleansing it has been craving. Enjoy a relaxing massage while a warm mask soaks in, opens pores and removes toxins. Allow the smell of our all-natural, renewing moisturizers help you “face” your busy week. Get ready for your skin to feel soft, hydrated, and revitalized!

Approximately 60 minutes

Restorative Facial

Express Facial Skin Treatment

Skin, here is your quick pick-me-up! This condensed version of the Classic Facial will leave you feeling just as grand, but allows you to get right back to your busy day.

Perfect for the busy, on-the-go types as a hold-over until the next Classic Facial. In with a frown, out with a smile!

Approximately 40 minutes

Ultimate Facial

Enzyme Medi Facial Skin Treatment

A results-oriented skin treatment that goes beyond the traditional facial. This is an advanced treatment targeting specific skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, milia, and aging.

A great option for repairing facial skin problems and restoring the skin to an enhanced state.

Approximately 60 minutes


Medi-Infusion Facial Skin Treatment

In need of some serious skin repair? This chemical peel alternative is a potent facial that helps to build the skin you have been dreaming of without tearing it down first. Find your skin transformed into healthy, luscious, and beautiful.

Medi-Infusion facials are perfect for helping to correct or relieve hyper- pigmentation, melasma, rosacea, acne, and signs of aging.

Approximately 50-60 minutes

Acne Facial (basic)

Acne Facial Skin Treatment

Even though acne is a common skin problem, treatment can be different for each person.

Not only is your acne treated with with exfoliation, extractions and a healing mask, we also discuss excellent skin care to help prevent acne from recurring.

It’s not enough to treat the acne. Let’s keep it from coming back.

Approximately 30-40 minutes

Mini Facial

Full Facial Skin Treatment

Pre-teens only. A fun and educational facial designed to cleanse, refresh, and moisturize pre-teen facial skin. Professional skin care instruction specifically for pre-teens is also provided to achieve and maintain healthy skin.

Ask about Pre-teen Skin Care Party – includes skin care education and Mini-Facials.

Approximately 15-20 minutes