Fall into moisture

It’s Fall!

Fall is such a great time to get outside, enjoy the changing weather, and eat hearty foods. 

It feels so good to step out on my porch and take a deep breath of colder air. It’s so much easier to eat hot, warm or cooked foods when it’s a little cooler, right? Breathing and eating warm foods are a GREAT way to cleanse our bodies, and kick start our metabolism, so it’s no wonder that we feel better in the fall, as well. At least I know I do!

Fall feels refreshing and it’s a great time to start detoxing! Maybe that looks like doing some fall cleaning out of “stuff” in your house, or eating better, or just letting go of some relationships that aren’t serving your soul. 

Fall is also a GREAT time to revisit your skincare routine.

As the months get a little cooler and dryer, your skin responds and also gets a little dryer. It’s time to kick up the moisture with either a hydrating serum that pulls more moisture into your skin cells, or a more emollient moisturizer. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you in my treatment room this month, and don’t forget to ask about our fall specials. BOOK HERE!