Grace and Beauty Revealed

February the month of LOVE!

What better way to say “I love YOU” than with a relaxing, rejuvenating, therapeutic skin treatment! I am offering “Chocolate Facials” with a “kissable lips” treatment. Make sure you schedule the week before or the week after Valentine’s Day to take advantage of this soothing treatment. Call or visit CarisSkincare.com for more details.

I have noticed more people have had unusually dry skin this season. Our Immerse moisturizer is a proven product that will help get you through those dry spells. Don’t neglect your hands and feet either!

Now offering Dermafile! This is a holistic alternative to microdermabrasion. Dermafile can positively affect: fine lines, rough/uneven skin, dry patches, acne scars, sun damage, and pigmentation concerns. It improves your skin’s natural collagen production, resulting in a firmer, and more toned skin surface. Healthy skin is your first defense against illness; let us help you take care of it safely and naturally.

Beautiful Blessings,


P.S. Brrrrr! It’s cold out there. Our treatments are sure to leave you feeling warm and cozy.

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