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Hey 30 something!


teenHey, Teens:  Start now developing a good routine in taking care of your skin.  Cleanse morning and night. Use correct serums and moisturizer every day. And get in the habit of applying sunscreen before going out during the day.  Make sure you don’t buy into the lie that you need to use harsh chemical agents to clear your acne or acne breakouts.  Monitor what you eat (junk food can really affect your skin) and drink plenty of water. 

20 somethingHey, 20 something: You may not be thinking at this time in your life that you need to think about your skin aging, but it is.  Now is a great time to work eye cream into your routine if you haven’t already.  It can help you keep your skin looking young longer. Regular facials and good skin care will take you into your future with beautiful flawless skin.  Even if you don’t think you can afford a facial monthly, work it into your budget to see an esthetician quarterly and purchase professional products for your skin. Professional products are different and typically last longer, so you get a better value. Don’t forget to hydrate from the inside and the outside. Right now is the time to prioritize healthy habits, so that you can keep them later.



30 somethingHey 30 something: Your skin is starting to change and age. You may even be experiencing breakouts that you never did before.  This is typically hormonal acne.  A new and different routine may be in order. Adding a corrective serum or making a few life choice changes can go a long way to helping with your skin.  If you aren’t experiencing any issues, now is the time to build up the skin in a way that will keep you looking healthy.  Regular self care with facials and massage to manage stress is a must. Adding a night mask or using a professional mask once a week will add nutrients and ingredients your skin is lacking. Make sure you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.



40 somethingHey 40 something: How did you get here?  You may feel like you turned around and boom just like that you are in your forties! Your skin is really starting to show some fine lines and wrinkles and you want to change that.  It is not too late and with the correct products and treatments your skin can be glowing again.  Add a corrective serum and get some good facials with holistic modalities that won’t further damage your skin.  In my professional opinion adding chemical peels or invasive treatments only adds to the aging process.  They are a flash in the pan result and don’t reverse or correct the problems that tend to arise at this time in your life.  Seeking a holistic skin care professional is so important at this stage in your life. So is spending your hard earned money on treatments and products that actually help you age well.  Adding a good night cream and making sure you take care of the delicate eye area is a great place to start.


50 something

Hey 50 something: Has something changed, but you aren’t quite sure what?  Our hormones affect our skin tremendously.  As our estrogen depletes the skin gets dry, thin and crepey.  Time to kick up the skin care routine and add serums that address the dryness, hyperpigmentation and possibly inflammation.  Receiving treatments every 2-3 weeks will help maintain and possibly reverse the signs of aging. Of course, keep your water intake up!

60 somethingHey 60 is the new 40!  Now, this is a breath of fresh air!!  As we come into our 60’s we realize what is important to us.  We tend to have discretionary income to really focus on self care and we need it now.  This is a fantastic age to bring together all of the wisdom we have.  Choose the best products and treatments that will last and make us feel young and beautiful.  Of course, you can feel and look young and beautiful without breaking the bank.  Now is the time.





I can help create a plan from a holistic perspective at any age for you and your skin condition.  Truly holistic skin care takes into account your age, your environment, your lifestyle, and YOU! Let’s work together to be the best part of YOU.

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