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I used to think…

…cleansing morning and night and applying a cream to keep the moisture in was good enough.  

Cleansing your skin and applying a cream is important but that isn’t the only thing one should do to keep skin looking beautiful and healthy. Start by making sure that what you are applying is actually good for your skin type.  Answer some additional questions too: What is your lifestyle, do you drink enough water, are you exposed to environmental stressors, what season is it?  There are so many factors that need to be considered and it can be mind boggling.  Have a professional skin analysis performed – it should be more than a 15 minute consult to be truly comprehensive. A professional can help you navigate all of your concerns and create a plan for your unique situation. A plan as unique as you and your skin!


…that drug store products were okay. 

The popular ones you hear about that are accessible and cheap.  They may do in a pinch but probably aren’t helping your skin in the long run. 

Remember that you need to start by making sure that you are applying products that are actually good for your skin? This means reading and knowing or understanding ingredients. Choose a professional that can help with the many decisions when it comes to products and how they affect your skin. 


…that there wasn’t a difference in products as long as they felt good.  

Wow, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Many products may “feel” good but are not doing your skin any favors.  So much science goes into creating a professional product.  Some products may seem okay, but in actuality they are too occlusive. This is just a big word that means they sit on the skin and don’t allow it to breathe. Many products clog the pores, or they don’t give the skin the nutrients it needs to turnover cells and generate healthy new cells properly.


…that cheap makeup brushes were just as good as the expensive ones.  

Cheap brushes don’t hold up as long they don’t allow the products to be distributed correcting.  I was one of those people that didn’t think it mattered, but then I tried a professional brush made with real hair and it made a huge difference.  I think it is one of those things that you must try to truly understand the difference.


…That if you spent good money on an expensive product it was worth it. OR

…That the products promoted on TV and at the mall was everything I needed.  

Many products, especially those over the counter products, you know the ones at the department stores that are really expensive (but they give you a free bag of goodies or another free product if you purchase) are not what they are cracked up to be.  Now, I am not saying that they are terribly bad products but to spend good money, you are likely spending your money on really good marketing and not getting the active ingredients that cause change in the skin at the cellular level.

…That an oil cleanser was for normal to dry skin types only. AND …you could just go to the cupboard and use olive or coconut oil, instead. 

Boy, was I ever wrong about that one.  Going to the cupboard is okay in a pinch, if you didn’t have access to a professional grade mask. But here is why that shouldn’t be a regular practice. Professional oil cleansers are formulated with ingredients that help remove the dirt and particles. They include surfactants that will get deep into the pores, keeping your skin from drying out. The oils used are safe for your skin and won’t damage the barrier. The oil cleanser is actually one of the best cleansers to use for oily skin.  It doesn’t add more oil it helps attract the oil you don’t want on your skin, removing it. It also doesn’t strip the skin leaving behind an unhealthy environment resulting in more unwanted oil production in your skin’s attempt to restore balance. 


…That makeup wipes were good and convenient. 

Makeup wipes could have products in them that actually dry out the skin, or make it weak and vulnerable.  Plain water, in my opinion, is better than a wipe that could be damaging your skin’s barrier. At the very least choose a makeup remover with good ingredients and be sure to always rehydrate after you cleanse.


…That I could age gracefully by just products alone.

It is proven that regular facials will help you with age correction, acne, Rosacea and other skin conditions in so many ways.  Let me explain the benefits of a facial: 

  1. A) rehydrate dehydrated skin
  2. B) helps slow down premature aging
  3. C) unclogs pores
  4. D) improves imperfections
  5. E) balances and rejuvenates
  6. F) maintains healthy skin



Your esthetician can be your first defense… Just a quick note to say one great thing that your esthetician can do for you is direct you to a dermatologist if something seems amiss.  Even though diagnosing is out of our scope of practice, we know the skin, and may see something suspicious. We can always recommend that you go in for further evaluation.  I have had many clients in my treatment room who have been so glad I recommended they see their dermatologist over something concerning. When we see a client on a regular basis we notice when something isn’t right or doesn’t feel right.  We can take a picture for further observation or to compare down the road. Plan to have regular skin treatments, it could save you from trouble down the road.

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