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LED Light Therapy

You may have heard about a high-tech sounding treatment for acne and wrinkles: Light-emitting diode (LED) therapy. Also known as photodynamic therapy or PDT, these light-emitting treatments for acne and signs of aging complement rather than replace a well-formulated skin-care routine (yes, you’ll still need sunscreen). As with any light-emitting for skin, there are pros and cons with to consider, whether it’s done at a doctor’s office or with a handheld device in the privacy of your own home. In either scenario, if you’re patient and don’t expect miracles, the research is promising!

LED Light Therapy is a safe, non-invasive and effective skin treatment used to treat damaged skin from aging, acne and others. It diminishes fine line wrinkles, age spots and acne and also shows promise treating many other cosmetic issues as well. It stimulates the production of collages, which is proven to linked with smoother, firmer skin.
After only two days I noticed a major difference in my skin complexion. My skin felt smoother and was noticeably clearer.“
Grace Gavilanes
InStyle.com Editorial Assistant
LED Light Therapy is completely harmless, pain free and effective. NASA uses LED therapy to treat cuts, scrapes and bruises after finding that it accelerates healing time. LED light is cool in temperature so it cannot burn or cause discomfort. Results are typically seen after the first treatment, but most improvement is seen with subsequent visits. As more collagen becomes present in the skin with treatments, the skin becomes smoother, firmer and more radiant.

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