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Let’s look at Vitamin A!

What is Vitamin A?

You have heard of Vitamin B and C, and you know that Calcium helps make strong bones. And you have probably a pill packed with lots of good vitamins. We know that vitamins help our bodies function at their best. Of course Vitamin A is also one of the vitamins that you know exists, but do you know how important it can be for your skin? Vitamin A is the most studied product in skin care.  It is an important nutrient for other parts of the body, but let’s take a look at as it pertains to skin health.

How Vitamin A can help your skinCloseup of young woman receiving face massage

Vitamin A can come from two sources, a plant based source called Carotenoids, including beta-carotene, or an animal based source called Retinoids, which includes the common topical skin treatment “Retinol.” When Retinol is applied to the skin it undergoes a chemical reaction with the skin’s surface. Retinol is converted into Retinaldehyde and then into Retinoic Acid.  As this acid it can be helpful to the skin, but it can also easily overwhelm the skin causing dryness, and irritation if too much is used. This dryness and irritation is damage. The skin’s first job is as the first line of defense in the body, and as such creates a protective barrier for the body. If the skin is damaged in this way that protective barrier is compromised and will need to be restored.

Product lines with Vitamin A

I have carefully chosen product lines that won’t cause or create damage in the process of making the skin beautiful. Osmosis uses Retinaldehyde in their products and Eminence uses Chicory root and tara tree as an alternative to Rentinol. They stimulate the cell turnover without long-term damage, they do not cause photo sensitivity or excessive dryness. When choosing skin care product lines choose professional, and choose carefully.  You can get beautiful results without damage. Remember, “Your skin speaks before you ever say a word!”

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