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enjoy every moment of your lifeWe all have those moments in life that change our perspective, or as we grow older we think about what really matters, etc.  As a young person we don’t typically have the experience to view life looking backwards.  I don’t think of myself as an old person, but when I remember my age I am seasoned!  I have been on a quest to make life simpler, get rid of clutter, enjoy the time that I have, number my days and so forth.  Recently, I had one of those life changing experiences.  One that I don’t ever want to have happen again, and yet I am getting older and probably will have another major event happen.  I don’t ever think we can be fully prepared for one of those.  So, I stop and re-evaluate LIFE, or life as I know it.  I vow to make the best of everyday, hopefully I can always do that and not allow my past “work-aholic” self to creep back in! Ha.  

Creating a simpler life

Coming back to making life simpler; as I sat in the hospital day after day waiting on my husband to have open-heart surgery, I looked at life, as I knew it,  and wanted something more, or maybe different.  My skincare business is where my passion is and I don’t want to give that up, ever.  But I am learning to take a step back and look at what is important. I can’t serve my clients if I am not filled-up, if I am tired or worn-out.  I want a simpler skin care regimen, for me and them.  I want each person that comes into my life to feel glorious because of what I can offer; both in the treatment room and the products they take home.

Living a life of joy

My quest of making “Life” simpler will continue going forward.  I will continue to serve to the best of my ability and make life what it is meant to be, and that is every moment – ENJOYED!

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