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Look for the Blessings

This is a trying time for all of us. Some more than others. I believe stress lowers our immune system and makes us more vulnerable to illness and disease. Sometimes all we can do is breathe, and that is what you should do. Breathe in the oxygen that helps you heal, breathe in the moment that holds you, just breathe.  

If you want to help with the stress, here are some of the things that help me.

Blessings in the small things.

stop and smell roses Stop and smell the roses – yes that is an old cliche but I mean it. Just stop! Stop looking at social media, stop watching the news. Stop engaging in those things that are creating more stress and anxiety in you. Now, I am not saying you should be uninformed, but take a step away.  Get your bearings. Come back when you are more calm and feeling balanced.

Blessings in movement.

yogaGet out and take a walk. You may be stuck at home, but you can still go for a walk, look at what God has created and be thankful. 

Put on a video of Yoga or dance. Move to the music. Speaking of music, find soothing easy things to listen to. Something that is uplifting or calming.

Blessings in ordinary things.

Think about the things that you can’t seem to get accomplished when we are busy being busy.  Cleaning out clutter, gardening, working around your house. Get ready for the beauty spring will bring, when everything is growing and new! I know I’m thankful that Spring is just around the corner. Taking a step toward celebrating that can change my whole perspective.

puzzleFind a new hobby or work on the old ones. Puzzles and games that you have been waiting to do, but didn’t have the time. Read a book or several. Get organized, so when things get back up and running you will be ready to go after it.

Blessings with family.

Spending time with the kids or grandkids is so precious. Remember that we don’t get time back. Use it wisely. 

Find a new recipe. Meal Plan. Make cupcakes. Make bread. Check in on older family members or friends to see how you can help them with the necessities, or a meal. 

Involve yourself in your kid’s daily learning. Create a fun challenge. Kids can write letters to people in a nursing home. Take fun pictures, or start “a day in the life” journal. Help your kids overcome adversity. 

Find someone less fortunate and bless them. Look for the simple joys, and creative outlets. 

Blessings all around us.

find the blessingsIf your self care venue is open and you feel safe, get a massage, hair cut, facial or your nails done. All of these things will help you stay happy and healthy.

There are blessings all around us, all we have to do is look and not focus on the things we can’t do but the things we can do. Just STOP and LOOK.

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