The short answer is: Yes! Now let’s look at some different scenarios. We know that age and hormones, as well as environment all affect our skin.

Do hormones and age affect my skin?

As you age you need to change up your skin care. You might go from hormonal acne earlier in life to a hormonal dryness later in life. As a young person a simple, cleaning regimen is probably all you need, unless you have a skin condition such as acne, eczema, etc. Moving through life warrants changes.

aging gracefully

How does the environment affect my skin? 

Environmental damage, including overexposure to sun or the lack of humidity in the air in winter can affect the skin and require altering products to address new concerns. New medications or changes in diet can also affect your skin. 

What happens to my skin when I’m sleeping?

Night time is when our bodies heal, flush out our cells, and rejuvenate. Our skin is ready to take up and use helpful products best at night, so using products that will give you the most corrective ingredients then is most effective. Such as adding a more emollient cream at night for extra moisture, or a brightening serum to correct dark spots, or age-corrective serum to work magic on wrinkling skin. During the day you’ll want a lighter moisturizer followed by protective sunscreen, and under your makeup. Given the differences in product for nighttime and daytime skincare, using a cleanser to clean and prepare the skin before applying new products at bedtime, and before starting your day is extremely important.


Finding the right solution for my skin care routine

Finding the right regimen for you is completely personalized with Caris Skin Care. It is always good to consult with a professional to help you navigate the myriad of products. I have very simple but effective products that can get you on the right path to creating and maintaining beautiful skin. My NeoGenesis products can double, in many cases as daytime and nighttime products to help make it even more simple!