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Oncology Skin Care

Diane Mack, owner of Caris Skin Care, works with cancer patients experiencing unique skin problems that can result from radiation and chemotherapy treatments. She received Oncology Certificate Training and received oncology skin treatment education reviewed and approved by a Board of Oncologists.

“With my additional training and certification, I’m pleased to now offer oncology patients a healthy setting where I provide touch-based healing and restorative skin therapies that improve skin conditions and overall well-being,” says Mack.

Board approved oncology skin treatment is an advanced form of skin care designed specifically for those experiencing the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. As a certified oncology esthetician, Diane uses the ideal (and safest) esthetic services and skin care products that are most beneficial for oncology patients. Her work area is also properly sterilized to create a sanitized, safe environment for oncology patients.

As an oncology certified esthetician, Diane:

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