One Small Change

Sometimes it only takes one small change to see a whole new result!  

Here is what I am talking about… I don’t make new year’s resolutions, they always leave me feeling like a failure because I didn’t follow through.  And let’s face it, I am trying to get rid of the negativity in my life. (that’s another blog, what negativity can do to your body)

So here is what I am suggesting if you want to make a change to your skin. Have you tried an oil cleanser? This one thing can make a huge difference in how your skin responds. Let me explain: oil attracts oil, simple as that! If you start with an oil cleanser at night, follow up with a conditioner or tonique, then add your serum and moisturizer, you will see in a short time how different your skin can be. Even if you have the oiliest of skin this is a must for you!  It removes makeup, pollution, dirt and grime all in one easy step. The blackheads disappear and the integrity of the skin comes back. If you have dry or compromised skin, it restores the barrier, helping the skin to protect and rejuvenate. 

If you need help with your skin, I can do virtual analysis or come into my studio for a perfect facial to help with all the things your skin is needing. 

See you soon, online or in the studio!!