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Please Don’t #AskFacebook!

Are You Seeking Skincare Advice on Social Media?

I see this far too often.  People will #AskFacebook, “My skin is freaking out, what do I do?” Then all the answers start flooding in. I’m sure these friends and family mean well, but the advice given is all over the place. Some advice is good. And some advice is just plain terrible.  Everyone has an opinion: “This product worked for me,” or “I heard something else will work,” or “professional treatments and products are too expensive.” So you may think that these recommendations must be okay and you should try them because it’s cheap and accessible. Please understand, as a professional and someone who wants your skin to be healthy: if you blindly follow the advice you get from your friends on social media, you are going about this completely wrong. If you want to spend hard earned money on all of the wrong, potentially dangerous products because you think professional advice is out of your budget, think again.

Why a Skincare Professional

A skincare professional takes so many factors into consideration when recommending a product or treatment.  At least they should. If you have come across a professional skincare person that doesn’t have an intake form, with questions that address lifestyle, allergies, medications, etc., please find another one. Estheticians have been to school, take state board exams, spend countless hours in continuing educations and touch skin everyday! girl checking social media on cell phone Each person is individual and so is their skin! It may take a little time to find the correct skin care regimen, but at least you are not aimlessly searching and spending time and money, with no avail.Professional products and treatments are different than over the counter products. The active ingredients work better, quicker. Don’t get wrapped up in the marketing of new miracle products that make unbelievable promises. Stop taking advice from well-meaning people, stop wasting your time, and stop wasting your money. The real question should be, “Can I afford not to see an Esthetician?” This is your skin, this is your health, this is your self-care!

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