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Time to reset your routines

What a great time to talk about “routine.”  Many of us start the new year off by setting goals and planning routines, but by this time of year things have changed.  Sometimes for the best, as planned, or maybe not. August is when we start to wind down from the summer, kids are going back to school, the fourth quarter is coming fast and it is time to check that routine button and get back on track.

Getting back on track

Life changes; things change all of the time and we must change as well. So let’s embrace the change and re-discover “routine.” Create a new routine to finish out the year strong.  As the seasons change, you guessed it: your skincare routine may change as well. Add extra self-care to your schedule.  A new Yoga class might be in order to help you slide into the last part of the year a little less stressed.  In any case re-visit your current routine, make appropriate changes, include a little self love.  You will be glad you did.

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