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Safe Sun Practices

It is warming up out there and we would all love to enjoy the sunshine!  Let’s first start by saying the sun is not our enemy.  It is vital to life, it brings warmth and growth, sustains our planet.  We get our Vitamin D, through our skin, and Vitamin A through our eyes, both vital to health and wellness. BUT, the sun has gotten a bad wrap, so let’s talk about some safe practices that will help you enjoy the sun and stay healthy as well.

Sunscreen: sunscreen can be a touchy subject as well.  So here are my thoughts, find a sunscreen that is chemical free (some of the chemicals can cause free radicals when the UV light activates them).  Read the labels, some of the products that say they are safe for babies still have chemicals and really shouldn’t be used in my professional opinion. Many companies now are creating safe sunscreen at affordable rates, make double sure they are also safe for acne sufferers,if you have concerns about breakouts. Many are not acne safe and will cause breakouts. It only takes one ingredient that is comedogenic for you to breakout. If you don’t have a skin condition that would prevent you from getting a little sun without protection, go out before 10:00 and after 4:00 without sun protection.  This will help you stay healthy because of the benefits.  If you must be in the sun at peak times 10-3, always wear protection.  Manufacturers are producing clothes that have UV protection in them, this is a great choice but you still want those uncovered places, hands, the back of your neck, tops of  your feet protected with a cream of some sort. 

Applying sunscreen 30 minutes before going out is also a good practice.  You must apply more every 90 minutes or less the whole time you are exposed. Most people can get by with SPF of 30 as the higher ones don’t give you that much more protection, if you follow the guidelines and apply correctly. Unless a medical doctor has recommended a higher SPF.

Many verbiage has been changed for the water safe sunscreens.  They now read water resistant instead of water-proof.  Water, whether it is salt water, chlorine, freshwater, or sweat will cause the cream to dissipate and not protect as it should.

Some of my favorite sunscreen is Suntegrity.  They have many to choose from, can use on babies and they even have a lipstick that has SPF 30.  Love, love, love this product line.

suntegrity products

Please be smart about how you go out in the sun, remember even on a cloudy day you receive UV rays! NOW go out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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