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Self care must include skin care!

be good to yourself

The skin, like every other part of the body, is constantly under stress.  We understand that the skin is the outer layer, the protector of the many inner structures necessary for the normal activities of life.  It is the shield against damage from chemicals, thermal, radiation, and other physical traumas. Skin care should be a viable part of ones total care.  In order for it to do its job well, the skin requires two forms of care: proper internal nutrients and external stimulation / protection.  The most beneficial procedure to accomplish external stimulation and protection is with a professionally applied facial.

A licensed esthetician starts by cleansing away harmful chemicals with which one may have come in contact, including some found in popular skin care products. Looking through a magnifying light, a skin analysis determines problem areas and what it might need to become or stay healthy. Proper exfoliation combined with rejuvenating “foods” for the different seasons of the year and of life re-balance and stimulate the skin. A facial massage increases cell growth, collagen production, lymph drainage and promotes healing.  Special tools may be used to treat various conditions.  A healing serum, the correct moisturizer and a sunscreen may be added to complete the treatment. A facial is therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating; a must to take care of the largest organ of your body.

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