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Specialty Services

Back Purifier - $105

Give your back a special treatment, give the hard to reach areas some love with purifying, hydrating and rejuvenating products designed to bring balance. Extractions included. Try it we have your back!

Specialty Sheet Mask - $25

Add a sheet mask to any facial for an additional $25

Celluma LED light treatment - $45

LED Light Therapy is a safe, non-invasive, pain-free and effective skin treatment used to treat damaged skin from aging, acne and others. It diminishes fine line wrinkles, age spots and acne and also shows promise treating many other cosmetic issues as well. It stimulates the production of collages, which is proven to linked with smoother, firmer skin.

RevitaPen Nanotechnology - $65

Enhance your facial treatment results with technology that creates pathways to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin. The RevitaPen from OsmosisĀ® is a noninvasive device that enhances product absorption to create visible and instant results. RevitaPen is ideal for all skin types and concerns. However, there are some contraindications. Ask your esthetician if you are a candidate for RevitaPen treatments.

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