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Still Feeling the Effects of Winter Skin?

It’s March and Spring is right around the corner. Spring always makes me think about new life. I breathe a little more easily, and enjoy feeling the sunshine on my face, but my skin doesn’t always quickly mirror this renewed sense that spring brings to my soul. After a harsh, dry winter your skin may still be feeling stressed, dry, chapped, and just generally sad.  

What can we do to help? First, we need to protect it!! Oh, you say you have been doing that? That’s wonderful, but let’s back up just a bit to make sure we cover all of our bases.

The winter is cold and dry, not only on the outside, but, also, on the inside.  Have you added a humidifier to the house, or boiled a big pot of water on the stove to release some extra moisture into the air? What about drinking plenty of water? Keeping your moisture up is so important for your general health, and your skin health.

Next, we need to make sure not to over-exfoliate dry skin. Winter is not the time to treat it harshly; be gentle. Remember to daily cleanse, and moisturize. Oil Cleansers are especially good at removing dirt, while being careful to not strip the skin of the natural oils and protective barrier. Add a luscious serum chosen to target your skin’s specific needs under your moisturizer. You can even add avocado oil to your moisturizer at night or during the day. Your skin will happily soak up a nice mask once a week full of antioxidants and yummy vitamins such as C and E.

Last, but not least, do not forget your sun protection. I have lots of products to help refresh your beautiful skin, and to keep it glowing. Remember the skin is always changing and moving; make room for it to move with the changing of the seasons.

Let’s set up some time to personalize your skin care regimen to your skin care needs, while creating a lasting result that can weather the seasonal changes. Happy Spring! Schedule your skin analysis today: click here.

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