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Sun Tips

What a winter season we have had here in the “Old North State”. Snow, Cold, Hot, Dry … It’s enough to make your skin scream, “Give me a break”. Well here we are poised to launch into spring. Hopefully soon we will be enjoying more moderate temperatures as we transition toward summer. So, now is the time for us to remember that there are two dangers that face us and both have to do with overexposure. The first danger is overexposure to the sun. Since we are looking forward to the summer months, any warm day becomes the first day we begin to “get the tan on”. This early season sun has much more burning rays than later seasonal sun because of the lower angle of the sun’s position in the sky. To compensate for this we often place ourselves in the second danger. This danger comes when we substitute high quality sun protection products for those with known cancer causing agents. Both of these dangers result in putting our bodies at increase risk of skin cancers – the fastest growing percentage of cancer cases in the U.S.

Sunshine is necessary for normal body operations. But as with so many things, more is not always better. So, as we are outside we must remember that proper solar protection allows for the benefits without suffering the consequences.


We are having a “Bra Fitting Event” at Atlas Health and Wellness!

As you well know I am all about being and staying healthy. A well fitting bra is part of that process. I didn’t realize how much better one could feel when the size and fit are correct.

Sign up March 22, from 10-3 or March 24, from 5-7 for a private, professional fitting.

Please call 919-604-0646 to reserve your time.

Many Blessings!


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