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TAMA Magic Lift

Introducing TAMA Magic Lift

TAMA Magic Lift is your perfect “Spring, get ready for all the events that renewing brings!” This time of year is busy with weddings, graduations, Mother’s Day, high school and college reunions, etc. You can look and feel your best at these events with younger-looking, healthier, radiant skin! Those that have experienced the “magic” of TAMA know what I am speaking about! I have witnessed incredible results with this protocol. When combining LED Photo Therapy with a TAMA Lift micro-current treatment the results are enhanced. Both modalities are cumulative, meaning the more you do in a series over a short amount of time the better the skin, muscles and nerves respond. It just gets better and better each time. If you want to look your best for all those spring and summer events, this is the treatment for you. TAMA Magic Lift consists of four (4)  treatments (plan on spending up to 2 hours in the treatment room for each session), scheduled no more than 7-10 days apart, and a trial-size NeoGenesis product to use at home between treatments.
TAMA Magic Facelift using microcurrent and LED
Visible results after just one TAMA Magic Lift treatment.
It doesn’t get any better than this!  This is the best holistic protocol to rejuvenate, smooth fine line and wrinkles, remove toxins, stimulate collagen and elastin and make you look years younger!

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