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THE BEST TREATMENT EVER! Diane always amazes with her professionalism and knowledge regarding skin care. My appointment this week was to remove mila that was excessive. Diane removed all of the mila, reduced some hyperpigmentation and some broken capilliaries with very little discomfort. In fact I only felt a ping twice during the process. So, ladies, make an appointment today for the best treatment ever!
Jeanette D
Your Skin Will Never Be The Same. Diane Mack is very knowledgeable about skin care. You will want to have the facial. It makes your skin feel great! I purchased the Stone Crop moisturizer and it has made a visible difference for my skin. Thanks Diane!
Terri S
I have very sensitive skin… …so I was definitely wary about which products I used. I had no idea that most of the ingredients in over-the-counter, and popular media skin care products, are very harmful to my skin, not to mention that they often cause me some pretty nasty allergic reactions. Enter Diane, and her endless skin care knowledge. She not only wanted to make my skin feel and look better, but she welcomed and encouraged me to read the labels on her products. “All Natural? Wait, with many of your products I’m not paying for 97% water, and 3% ingredients? AND no harmful chemicals that I can barely pronounce (even with a chemistry degree)?” And she was so informative about which chemicals are harmful and hurtful over extended use, rather than actually helpful. I immediately went home and threw away every lotion, face wash, make up remover in my bathroom, and I became an even more avid ingredient reader. Diane’s passion for health has inspired me to research and make natural choices in lots of areas in my life from cleaning supplies in my house, to growing my own garden, and watching every label. While her facials are outstanding, relaxing, and incredibly wonderful it is her genuine spirit, contagious excitement, and always growing knowledge that draws you in! She takes the extra time to not only make sure that you are happy with every single service, but she genuinely wants your skin to be its best. And it’s obvious that she eats, sleeps, and lives skin. Every time I see her, she has something new to tell me about skin, or a great new product, or a cool new instrument that helps her analyze, or deep-clean my skin. You’ll already see a difference after your first treatment, and after using the products you won’t believe your eyes! I am so grateful, Diane, for all you do for me! I know my skin is in great hands no matter what comes my way!
Catie M
Would absolutely recommend paying a visit to Diane! I knew immediately I had found the right spot for me after my first visit, where she learns/asks about your skin concerns and how she can best help you. Her holistic approach was just what I was looking for and I can honestly say my skin has never felt and looked better. She works with you to come up with a skin care routine that works just for you. I have learned so much, and can't wait to continue on learning and growing and healing my skin. So much love for this space she has created.
Victoria S
Osmosis Products Did the Trick! After several years of dealing with plaque psoriasis breakouts on my skin I decided I had had enough. I had tried over the counter lotions that did little to actually make my skin better, and even tried a UV light that helped more, but I was still suffering from the itchy painful bumps on my legs every winter. Diane suggested using three products from Osmosis: Anti-Pathogen Harmonized Water, Digestive Health Harmonized Water, and Topical Restore. I was a little skeptical at first, but after using the products as she directed, my skin was completely clear. I don’t know how the harmonized water works, but by addressing the internal issues I was having as well as the external, I had no break-outs whatsoever over this last winter, and don’t plan on ever having these flare ups again.
Bruce M

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