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Tortoise and the hare and your skincare

I love turtles! Turtles are amazing creatures. Some swim most of their lives and others live on land all of their lives. Turtles are very interesting: different but the same in many ways. Much like people, we are all different, however all humans. I was reminded of recently of “The Tortoise and the Hare” and how that relates to skin. Of course everything in my world relates to skin! As we look at skin, and how one treats it, everyone needs skincare, but every skin treatment protocol is different!tortoise and hare slow and steady skincare for the win

Fast skincare results versus steady skincare results

Wrinkles, lines, “dreaded age spots” (hyper-pigmentation) didn’t happen overnight, they happened over time. Most of the time, those skin conditions won’t go away overnight either. I choose to treat the skin at a steady pace and I encourage my clients to do the same. Here’s why: When forcing the skin to respond by invasive treatments (lasers, chemical peels, etc.) it typically creates inflammation which may give a false impression. Inflammation causes damage, but plumps the skin and makes it look really good for short period of time. Soon after the inflammation subsides the wrinkles come back and bam, one starts all over again causing damage, and over time substantial damage. The skin may look really good at first because it the results are fast but long term not so good. If one were to go at a “turtle” pace, and I mean a deliberate, steady way it allows the skin to respond favorably, rebuilding collagen and new skin cells, creating beauty as it was meant to be! So the moral of this story is be like the tortoise and start now, slowly, steadily, deliberately with the correct treatments and products for long term rejuvenation, regeneration, and beauty! You will get there I promise, with beautiful glowing skin, and no compromised skin or health! So you have a choice: be fast like the hare: damage and no prize, or be like the tortoise: beauty–big prize.

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