Vacation Skin Care!

My husband and I recently purchased an RV.  We have been camping all of our lives, and this year being our 41st year of marriage we decided to live the dream and travel a bit more. 

What products do I need to take on vacation?

Let’s talk about what skincare products to take with you on vacation. I have always liked the simple side of things. Who wants to travel with a bunch of products and adhere to a long regimen while on vacation? So here are some of the things that I take with me when I leave home to keep my skin happy and healthy without spending extra time so I can be out doing things I love!!

I am going to go with mostly NeoGenesis for several reasons. They have a pretty simple line of products, and you can still achieve great results with just a few items. This means you don’t need to take everything and the kitchen sink!

Which skincare products are essential?

You only need these three products: Cleanser, Skin Serum (which doubles as an eye serum while traveling, but you can always take the eye serum too), and the Barrier Renewal Cream. The only thing that I really would add is a sunscreen moisturizer and a lip balm during the day. I like Eminence’s Bright Skin Moisturizer, but there are several to choose from depending on your skin. I can help you decide. Eminence also has a lovely lip balm with SPF.

Do I need sunscreen on vacation?

Now, one last thing. A body sunscreen is a must, especially when on vacation! Choose one that is made of mineral ingredients and does not have chemical sunscreens. The minerals are safe for your body and the environment. I offer plenty of these to choose from!

Happy Travels to You!!!