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Why Wax?

Waxing is an increasingly popular alternative to shaving and plucking. Not only does it provide softer, smoother skin, it also saves you time. Our waxes remove hair from the root so that it takes 4-6 weeks for hair to re-appear. Enjoy silky smooth skin for weeks at a time, not days.

No more razor bumps and burns

Imagine a life without all of the hassles that come with shaving and plucking. No more razor bumps, burns, rashes, cuts and nicks. Many people have waxing done every 4-6 weeks – in and out, no hair, smooth and soft skin.

Waving the sensitive areas

In order to minimize discomfort, we use a hard-wax blend to remove hair from the sensitive areas of the body. This type of wax is applied at body temperature and removed in a way that reduces pain associated with waxing in sensitive areas.

Waxing Services Offered

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