What Does Caris Mean Anyway?

You might be asking yourself…why? Why is Caris Skin Care called that anyway, and what in the world does Caris mean?

“Caris” directly translated means “grace” in Greek. The dictionary definition for “grace” has a few layers:

A simple elegance.

The free and unmerited favor of God.

A charming or attractive trait or characteristic.

A pleasing appearance or effect.

To confer dignity or honor on.

I love this word – what beauty it holds in its meaning. Grace is a beauty that shines from the inside out. 

The recent death of Queen Elizabeth II has me thinking again on this word. She was a woman of Grace and Beauty from the inside out. She was such a special and an example of a gracious lady. 

As your esthetician I want to be a source of grace for you. And I want to help you reveal your grace.

When I speak of Grace Revealed and what I want to get across to my followers is this:

You are beautiful – just the way you are!

God created you in His image – full of grace!

You have a character that is attractive and charming to others!

You are pleasing to see!

You have the ability to act with and give dignity and honor for yourself and others!

But somehow we don’t always feel or see ourselves as such. Well I am here to tell you you can show that beauty and I can help you to look and feel amazing in your own skin. Because I know that just because we have these beautiful, gracious characteristics inside of us, we don’t always feel them when we look in the mirror. 


So start with believing. Believe that you are gracious. Believe that you can show that in your skin too!

I can help you achieve your skin care goals, with a little work from you! I promise I will be with you every step of the way!

Reach out to schedule an in-person treatment or a virtual consultation. Let’s get started on your journey to help you REVEAL your GRACE!