What is Holistic Skin Care?

Hi! Welcome – it’s so nice to see you here!

If you’re reading this blog it’s hopefully because you are looking for a different kind of skin care experience.

You might even have jumped to your favorite internet browser, and search engine trying to figure out what it is you are missing. You might have found yourself asking:

“What am I missing in my skincare?”
“I’ve tried everything on the market, and still my skin isn’t reacting well to anything.”
“Why won’t my skin cooperate?”
“Why won’t my skin do what I want it to do?”
“WHY does everyone else seem to have perfect skin, but this is what I wake up to every morning?” (P.S. filters are a lie)

If you’re here, then you’re in good company! 

Skin care education

A few years before I started my skin care business, I was pretty ignorant about my skin and how to best take care of it. I found myself asking some of these same questions. In my case – I noticed that as I aged my skin was changing, and I didn’t know how to help my skin keep its youthful, soft, and supple look. I really thought that cleansing and moisturizing were the most important steps, and that maybe what I was putting on my skin mattered. But probably not too much, right? I also didn’t feel right about invasive treatments that everyone was recommending. It didn’t resonate with me and my sensitive skin. I knew there was something I was missing.

When I started my studies in skin care, I found that what you’re putting on your skin is SUPER important. I was shocked to learn that no government agency regulates skin care ingredients. Meaning that just about anything can be added to skin care products. Companies can make any sort of claim about their products, and they don’t have to answer to anyone about how those products work, the impact of any of the ingredients inside, or where they come from. I quickly became a proponent for professional, holistic, natural skin care companies, and products. I knew I could get behind skincare companies that took the time to research, and carefully build products that had safe and effective ingredients in them.

But my learning didn’t stop there!

While what we put on our skin is so important, and there are powerful products that can facilitate change at the cellular level, I started to also learn more about the whole body. And that naturally brought up more questions for me.

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So we really are what we eat?

If we know what we know about our bodies, and we are what we eat, then isn’t the skin also a product of what we eat? You see, our organs don’t operate in a silo. Our heart can’t pump blood without our brain sending electrical impulses. Even if it could pump on its own, the heart can’t breathe in the oxygen that the blood carries to the cells. Our heart muscle can’t beat without gaining energy from our food, just like any other muscle in our body. We know that when one of these systems fails then our bodies don’t work properly at best, and, at worst, it will die. 

Even our skin is influenced by the other organs in our body! After all, our life-giving blood circulates to all of the cells carrying good and bad with it. Have you ever noticed that you ate something that didn’t agree with your stomach and suddenly you have breakouts on your cheeks? Or that Aunt Flo is due to pay a visit and your chin and hairline are covered in tiny pimples? Or that you’ve been feeling sick and your skin doesn’t glow like it did when you were feeling well? 

It’s really true that we are what we eat. Our body takes in food and breaks it down into small molecules that we can use in various ways. When our body takes in good food, it flourishes. We feel good. Our immune system works properly. Our skin glows. When we take in bad “food,” our body feels run down. We lack energy. And our skin does its best to purge out the bad (one of the skin’s most important jobs). The same goes for exercise, and stress. When we take care of our bodies, our bodies take care of us. But not just our physical body but also our mind, and our essence.

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What is Holistic Skin Care?

Okay, Okay – so we still haven’t answered our question: “What is Holistic Skin Care?” The whole reason you are reading this, right? I’m sure you’ve caught on by now, but holistic skincare is so much more than typical modern skin care tends to be these days. It is so much more than creams, serums, masks, and cleansers. It’s so much more than topical. It’s taking a look at everything from what food you are eating, to how much exercise you get, and managing your stress and hormone levels. 

If I could choose a single word to describe Holistic Skin Care it would be…


Holistic Skin Care is all about balancing the body, mind, and soul in a way that leads to not only healthier skin from the inside out, but a healthier you. The more I study skin, and learn about it the more I realize how important it is to look at the whole human, not just the skin. We cannot address skin issues by just slathering on the next new thing. In fact, moving to more natural sources, and working on our insides will lead to less breakouts, less skin issues, and a more healthy YOU!

Remember when we talked about how the skin’s job is to purge? If we remember this when we have skin issues pop up – then we will be reminded to ask ourselves: What is my skin trying to purge? What is it trying to get rid of that my body doesn’t need or doesn’t like? Is it that I’m stressed? Is it that time of the month? Am I craving some food that could indicate I’m missing something in my diet? Did I eat something I shouldn’t have in the last few days? 

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Symptom fighting versus a balanced body

Making this mental shift from creams and symptom fighting to truly balancing our skin can be a challenge for all of us. The good news is that you have found me! I’ve spent so much time gaining the knowledge to help you identify what your skin is telling you about your body. The next step is to ask yourself if this is something you want. Do you want to just continue masking issues with your skin? Or do you really want to solve those issues and problems, and in turn become more healthy overall? When you are ready to start your journey, schedule some time to meet with me, and let’s talk about your skin journey, your lifestyle, and your skin goals! 

Cheers to happier, healthier skin through Balance and Holistic Skin Care!

Check back in often to learn more about how your skin is affected by and how it affects your other organs!