Positive habits and routines are so important, and having a solid skin care routine should be one of those. I often have people ask what they should be using or what are the most important parts of a daily skin care routine.

Clean skin is the first step in your skin care routine

First of all we can make it simple for most skin types. I have really fallen in love with oil cleansers. When used correctly they can be huge in helping your skin with blackheads, inflammation, makeup removal, etc. I recommend this type of cleanser especially at night, followed by an essence, tonique or conditioner. In the morning you can use a different cleanser to start the day off with a totally clean palette. An important takeaway is cleansing both in the morning, and at night.

Serums and moisturizers for your skin care routine

The next step is very important. Serums: choose one that will make the most correction. Aging, acne, irritated skin, there are many to choose from. Some of them will help with several conditions at the same time. If you need more details on why I love serums check out this blog post!

Moisturizer!! Whether your skin is oily or dry you NEED a moisturizer! Choose wisely, some will cause clogged pores if you are acneic.

Eye Serums: these will help your very sensitive eye area stay healthy. Start using an eye serum in your early 20’s if not before.

SPF in your skin care routine

Last but not least: SPF during the day. I always suggest a physical sunscreen over a chemical one. Sunscreens have come a long way, and you can find really good ones over the counter nowadays, but it’s so important to know and check ingredients. 

See your esthetician!

Before you spend tons of hard earned money on skincare, see an esthetician to find out what would be best for you. Remember professional products give more value and have better active ingredients than anything you can purchase at a counter or in the drug store. 

On to happy healthy skin!!